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Laser cleaning and dry ice blasting services

Suomen laserpuhdistus is a specialist in industrial special cleaning services. We offer versatile cleaning services for both small and large companies and individuals from South Karelia throughout Finland.

With laser cleaning and dry ice blasting, various difficult surfaces and objects can be cleaned efficiently and without washing waste. The methods are fast, ecological and gentle.

Need for own laser cleaning machine, but use is seasonal and expensive as an investment.
What to do?
Suomen Laserpuhdistus offers an alternative!
Through us, you can make a contract for laser cleaning, even seasonally.
A laser machine and staff suitable for your needs.
Suomen Laserpuhdistus offers a flexible alternative to laser cleaning.

Our latest equipment acquisition is perhaps Finland’s most powerful, portable, laser cleaning machine SLP-CW3000. The power of the new machine is a whopping 3000w and the cleaning capacity is up to 80 m2/h.

This laser machine saves time and costs very effectively!

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phone: 044 970 3069


Comprehensive services


Laser cleaning and dry ice blasting are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.


Laser cleaning and dry ice blasting can be used in a variety of ways during construction and renovation.

Real estate

Laser cleaning and dry ice blasting are well suited for a variety of property cleaning jobs.

What customers say about us

"Professional, local expert. We recommend Suomen Laserpuhdistus."
Factory manager
South Carelia, Finland
"The cleaning project was handled on time and with professionalism. I highly recommend."
Factory manager
Central Finland
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