Laser cleaning

Cleanliness preserves the value of the investment

In the manufacturing industry, in the food, chemical, metal, plastic, printing, packaging, paper and wood industries, machine maintenance and cleanliness are extremely important issues. They have an impact on both the company’s productivity and employee safety. The longer valuable equipment and machines remain operational, the better.

The correct cleaning method and regular cleaning intervals are important. Laser cleaning is an environmentally friendly and effective way to remove e.g. rust, oxides, paints and various impurities from many surfaces without damaging the surface. Due to its many advantages, the use of laser cleaning has increased in popularity around the world.


Cleaning and pre-treatment of the surface to be painted includes all the measures used to improve it adhesion and durability of the paint film. Careful and properly selected pretreatment is the basis of a successful painting. 50–70% of paint damage is due to poor pretreatment. Purposeful and economic pre-treatment is chosen based on the quality of the impurity as well according to the stress conditions during installation or according to the final location. In the process the requirements of the paint combination and the shape of the piece to be painted and the location of the surface treatment are taken into account.

Environmentally friendly cleaning method

Traditional industrial cleaning methods often require a lot of time and effort. Cleaning also often requires the use of harmful chemicals. Laser cleaning does not require chemicals or cleaning agents, so it is a very environmentally friendly cleaning method.

For example, different paint removal methods may damage the material under the paint, but the surface material to be cleaned with laser cleaning is not damaged, so it can be used to clean even very valuable and sensitive surfaces.

With laser cleaning, it is possible to clean even the details that are very challenging for traditional methods, cleanly and easily. The waste generated from laser cleaning is only a fraction compared to, for example, sandblasting. the only waste that is created is the dirt that comes off the surface to be cleaned.


SLP Laser

Whether your challenges are small or big, we believe that in our selection you will find a cost-effective solution that meets your needs.

Our selection includes two slightly different laser cleaning device collections:

  • The cleaning devices of the SLPMB collection are pulse lasers. This collection brings to the market even more efficient but smaller and lighter laser cleaning devices that make mobile work easier. Up to a certain size, we also manufacture lasers in backpack models. SLPMB Laser machines are fiber optic lasers.
  • The SLPCW collection is intended for thorough cleaning, and the devices bring really efficient variants to our selection, up to 2kw.
  • Unlike other lasers, all our laser machines are so-called multi beam laser machines with six different cleaning patterns.
  • All devices have a 2-year factory warranty.
  • Flexible leasing contract available for all models
  • Tel: 044 970 3069
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