Dry ice blasting

An effective cleaner for various surfaces

Dry ice blasting is an effective method for cleaning the interior and exterior structures of buildings. It effectively but gently removes mold and actinomycete growths, graffiti, concrete and plaster splashes, paint and other difficult-to-clean dirt.

In industry, dry ice is suitable for sensitive surfaces, such as electric motors and devices, fan blades, conveyor belts, painted and unpainted metal surfaces and other objects that require gentle cleaning, as well as numerous other objects.

We have four efficient dry ice blowing devices.

Clean without water and chemicals

When renovating buildings, mold damage or surface mold may be found. They can be easily removed with a dry ice blast.

Dry ice blasting does not require the use of water or chemicals. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly and
ideal cleaning method for valuable renovation projects and building facades.

Dry ice is well suited for cleaning large properties such as detached houses, summer cottages and their facades, as well as stone foundations.

Thanks to dry ice blasting, the general appearance of the building is made neat and the building’s dignity is preserved.

Suitable surfaces

Dry ice blasting for industry
Hirsipintojen kuivajääpuhallukset.
Dry ice blasting for households

What is dry ice and how is it made?

Carbonic acid, or dry ice, is a surprisingly versatile substance that is made from carbon dioxide by lowering the pressure and temperature in a controlled manner. After that, the liquid carbon dioxide turns into clean, white and cold carbon dioxide snow, which is compressed under high pressure into dry ice blocks or granules. The temperature of dry ice is really low, -78 *C degrees.

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